Bug fixes.

  1. Added detection of unsupported images.
  2. Tweaked CSS file.



Bug fixes, Performance and UI improvements.

  1. Improved canvas access detection.
  2. Better messaging for unsupported browsers (No JavaScript and no Crypto).
  3. Improved image compression algorithm for better compression performance.
  4. Fix a but that would cause some compression scenarios to fail.

Bug fixes, performance and privacy/security improvements.

  1. Fixed "Open Link" button not working on link shares.
  2. Improved privacy/security by deleting the ShareID from the browser history.
  3. Simpler and faster handling of images/files download.
  4. Minor UI tweaks.

Our initial release of version 3 (R3).

Completely reworked encryption - here are some of the improvements:

  1. It now uses the browser encryption primitives for a way faster encryption.
  2. We now perform 400'000 rounds of PBKDF2 with SHA-512 on a derivate of the share ID to prepare the hash for the server.
  3. We now perform 600'000 rounds of PBKDF2 with SHA-256 on the share ID before encypting the data using AES-GCM-256.
  4. We now generate a better (yet more readable) share ID: gone are the days of Q!i?D~VZ3/, now it's always 4 sets of 3 easily readable letters and numbers (ex: aEb.2eZ.6Ad.G2a). Oh look! there's also a button to easily generate a new one.
  5. We now have better random IV generators and random salt generators.
  6. The share hash that is sent to our servers now represents only part of the share ID, this way even if we're able to reverse it we still can't decrypt your data.

New backend: we now use a GoLang server and a Redis Database for faster response so you can share even faster. We now allow larger shares up to 1.5MB.

Redesigned UI: We redesigned our UI from scratch and this time put some effort in making it look nice. It should be more friendly and expressive, making for a better user experience.

File sharing: do you have a small file to share? we got you covered!

Our roadmap

We have lots of exciting plans, here are some of them:

  1. Generate a (password protected) QR code once the link has been created.
  2. Faster access and smaller code size.
  3. Share multiple files/images.
  4. Tune the image compression.
  5. Improve security further.
  6. Enable link editing.
  7. More UI tweaks.

Our second major version of the service, it added much more functionality:

  1. Small improvements for encryption.
  2. Slightly better, yet still ugly UI.
  3. Link Editing.
  4. Image sharing and compression.

Our initial version of the service, it had some basic functionality:

  1. Share encrypted links.
  2. Set some basic expiration.